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Welcome! My name is Maureen Werther. I'm the creative force behind my business, WriteForYou. I'm also a divorced mother of two grown children, wanna-be gourmet cook, political activist, feminist, fledgling carpenter and home renovations whiz. My blog is devoted to issues big and small, profound and mundane, that are part of every woman's life. This blog is dedicated to those women who juggle so much, aspire to so much, women who dream, who succeed, who fail, and who try again. It's also a space for women of all ages, races, and socio-economic backgrounds. I invite you to read the stories that unfold in and around my life and to share your stories with me. I'm Your Every Woman and I welcome all of you
Maureen Werther, Owner, WriteForYou


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Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book, a memoir about my “adventures” as a pie baker and entrepreneur. Please let me know how you like it and if you’d like to read more of the story – thanks!
(Background: after going through a difficult and costly divorce, losing my home in a bankruptcy and struggling to take care of my children, I decided to start my own business. I named the company “pie ala moe!” and, before long, I was selling full-sized pies and “mini moe’s” – tiny tarts – to local restaurants and individuals. As business continued to grow, I acquired an investor who gave me the working capital I needed to quit my job as a collections associate for a large accounting firm. This chapter begins when I’m leaving the accounting firm to grow my pie business full-time.)

Chapter Five: Serendipity

My last day at Dorfman Robbie was both exhilarating and a little scary. I was saying goodbye to friends I’d made over the last three years. These people had helped me cope with so many things, …

I Hate My Bathroom - Part I

I want to talk about bathrooms – specifically, bathrooms that are affectionately referred to by realtors, designers and remodelers as “vintage” or “mid-century.” We all know that “mid-century” can be loosely translated to mean a sickening shade of mustard yellow, avocado or salmon pink, with tile everywhere – and I don’t mean cool subway tile or the currently trendy thin rectangular-shaped tiles.

This is the kind of bathroom that I’ve been living with for the last four years.

I know it didn’t always look this way. My cozy little home is nearly 140 years old, and I’m sure my predecessors were thrilled about remodeling and turning the loo into a cutting-edge model of modern decorating chic – back in the 1960’s, that is.

As you can see, the entire bathroom was green – more specifically, it was various shades of green. I can only surmise that there were clearance sales at the tile store and the home appliance store at the same time. The tub and sink were an interesting sort of seafoam gr…


            Voices of Resistance Ring Out in Downtown Albany

More than 5,000 students, parents, teachers, lawmakers and people of all ages, from all parts of the state gathered in Albany’s West Capitol Park on Saturday, March 24 to lend their voices to the “March for Our Lives” rallies taking place in more than 800 cities nationally. The Albany march was the result of the combined efforts of students from across the Capital District region in conjunction with Moms Demand Action. Hundreds of signs, with messages ranging from “Fire Politicians, Not Guns,” to “Resist, Enough,” to “Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough,” were toted by protestors as the large but peaceful group gathered to hear speeches from student organizers, members of Moms Demand Action and local lawmakers and politicians, including Patricia Fahey, Phil Steck, and Paul Tonko. Protesters listened as students told stories of their own experiences with gun violence in schools, in their neighborhoods and on the streets. Lisa…